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How to choose jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is similar to mining industry, coal industry, quarry, manufactured sand making plant, water conservancy, building industry, of which history is about 100 years old. Due to its simplicity, reliable performance, easy maintains and repairs and suitable for every kind of rocks, especially the tough rocks, jaw crusher is used until now.
Jaw crusher can be classified into three categories: complex swing jaw crusher, simple swing jaw crusher and compound swing jaw crusher. But whether it is professional manufactures, or it has a long time on crushing job, how to choose the jaw crusher is still a problem. So there is our advice below.
Simple swing jaw crusher: This crusher is mainly made of the working structure for crushing the ore, the structure for driving the moving jaw, the overload insurance device, the layout adjustment equipment, supporting device, etc. The moving jaw is hanged on the main axis with moving from side to side, and the eccentric axis moves, the connecting rod moves up and down, which can bear more striking overload. What’s more, it is of wear-resistance, but it needs lubrication for its low moving efficiency.
Complex swing jaw crusher: The difference with the simple swing jaw crusher is that it doesn’t have the moving jaw hanged on the main axis. The moving jaw and connecting rod connect as one part and there is one scale board less than the simple swing jaw crusher. So the complex swing jaw crusher has a simple structure but a complex running of moving jaw. The moving jaw runs at horizontal and vertical direction. We manufacture the 900*1200mm sized complex swing jaw crusher.
Compound swingjaw crusher: the jaw crusher has hydraulic pressure jaw crusher. Our country manufactured the hydraulic pressure which does not belong to the hydraulic driving type, but is still machine driving type. The feature is that there is a hydraulic cylinder on the connecting rod. Before running, there is no lubrication oil in the hydraulic cylinder and the cylinder and plunger can move comparatively. The hydraulic cylinder can adjust the size of layout. Our company manufacture the 900*1200 hydraulic pressurejaw crusher is popular with customers.